Philipp Süssmann, Industrial designer, MA (IKDC)
born 1987, Tegernsee, Germany

Süssmann industrial design is a creative studio based in Sweden, specialising in various fields of design, ranging from products to furniture and spaces. The studio cherishes curiosity, intuition and experimentation– constantly trying to uncover the essence of an idea based on a thorough understanding of people's needs. The work is driven by strategy-led research with a passion for materials and technologies that can push towards more sustainable and circular product developments.
In the past, Philipp Süssmann has worked at IKEA of Sweden as an in-house designer and graduated with an M.A from Lund University School of Industrial Design in 2015.

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Philipp Süssmann
Per Wickenbergsgatan 5
217 54 Malmö, Sweden

+46 (0) 76 772 85 40